What is the biggest problem with Microsoft 365?

 Most businesses do not fully use their Teams!

Chances are if you have Microsoft 365 you might not be fully using all the applications included with the license. Based on a TBSC study, we have found that 43% of businesses do not use their Teams, even though they are paying for it!

Benefits for using Teams for remote work:

Microsoft published, Quantifying the value of collaboration with Microsoft Teams, by Lori Wright, General Manager of Microsoft 365, which stated:

To quantify the benefits of Teams for organizations and employees, Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ study of Microsoft Teams, commissioned by Microsoft. Forrester interviewed and surveyed over 260 customers using Teams in a wide range of industries, spanning financial services to education.

All customers cited the following business objectives for implementing Teams:

  • Increase employee productivity.
  • Improve collaboration across the organization.
  • Enable innovation.

The study revealed that by empowering employees with Teams, businesses can reduce the costs of collaboration, accelerate decision-making, and improve the customer and employee experience.

To learn more about this study, please visit Microsoft’s blog page.

Why are businesses not using Teams?

This is due to lack of training or showing preference to other collaboration tools like Zoom. To increase your ROI, we advise to encourage your remote staff to use Teams! Perhaps the latest in Teams updates will motivate your remote staff to make the switch and increase their Teams usage.

As Teams competes with Zoom and Google for the top remote collaboration tool, Teams has brought on many changes to be more efficient and user friendly. Microsoft is always open to feedback and takes on suggestions to better their products. Training your staff on these changes will benefit your business ROI!

How can you fully train your remote employees?

We advise our eLearning training tool from Bigger Brains to give your remote staff the foundation they need to fully utilize Teams.

Mastering Microsoft Teams

Learn how to use Microsoft’s communication & collaboration platform with teacher Chip Reaves!

The ability for teams to work together productively is perhaps the most important function in any business, and it’s the central focus of the new Microsoft Teams application.

From file sharing and co-editing to video calls, persistent chat, screen sharing, and more, learn how Microsoft Teams gives you the tools to stay in touch and get work done with your colleagues and partners. Updated for 2019, this course includes new and updated material, including Shifts, Whiteboard, Praise, and Calls. We also discuss best practices for getting the most from your Microsoft Teams in Office 365.

While it’s simple to use, Microsoft Teams has a tremendous set of features to offer any team, and in this course we’ll cover it all, from getting started to adding external users and third-party connectors.

Want to learn more? Visit the TBSC blog here.

Do you know where you stand?

Most businesses do not know their usage for Microsoft 365. Learn how to get in control of your licenses with our free Microsoft 365 Efficiency Health Check. Book your free trial here.

To learn more, get in contact with us today!

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