Welcome to TBSC’s Autumn 2021 #CoffeeTalkTBSC FREE webinar series!

TBSC are excited to bring you more SaaS & SAM information with our on-going webinar series.

Keep an eye out for various Tuesdays at 3:00pm (London) where we bring you free 10-minute webinar content to help enhance your software asset management strategy and cover the latest in software and tech. We even go beyond software to discuss the current remote working climate and offer tips and tricks to improve your remote work approach, along with plenty of other topics that span from current events to the software industry.

Missed our sessions? Do not worry! We archived our #CoffeeTalkTBSC. Please follow us on YouTube so you do not miss any of our sessions! Click here for TBSC’s YouTube page.

Interested in what we have to offer? Click here to check out our Eventbrite page. Check back throughout Autumn 2021, as events will be updated!

Over this past year TBSC had a number of presenters and participants who have shared their knowledge and helped keep our audience up to date with the SaaS industry, and the tech industry in general. Thank you for your continued interest, contributions, and sharing of ideas!

Upcoming #CoffeeTalkTBSC webinars:

Total Cost of Ownership: a savings guide to Microsoft 365

Tue, 14 September 2021

15:00 – 15:30 BST

About this event

IT Procurement helps organize business purchases, even cloud software like Microsoft 365. IT Procurement analyzes business needs, manages contracts, makes invoice payments, and manages spend.

The procurement and cost management of Microsoft 365 subscriptions needs to address the following aspects:

1. reharvesting

2. optimization

3. surplus

We have put together a guide to help you understand how you can take on the challenge of software optimization, increasing ROI, and saving money!

Key components of managed service providers (MSP)

Tue, 28 September 2021

15:00 – 15:30 BST

About this event

If you do not have a Software Asset Manager in your IT Department, it might be time to consider having a Managed Services Provider. Why? Your IT Department is a busy place and taking the time to review Microsoft 365 licenses, whether that is making sure your company remains compliant, or trying to manage who uses or needs what licenses, often goes to the side to prioritize other jobs.

Good Managed Service Providers (MSPs) listen to their customer’s needs and tailor plans of action that are specifically unique to the company goals. This is done through:

Analyzing results and benchmark to identify key issues and opportunities

Creating goals for cost optimization & usage improvements

Prioritizing actions

Creating project plans

Managing the process & reporting at agreed schedule

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