Sep 2019

Does SAM and the Cloud go Together?

  The short answer is yes. There are some misconceptions out there on the definition of asset IT, particularly when it comes to cloud services. Why the confusion? Cloud services are a subscription-based model that uses pay-as-you-go. This means the […]

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Are you sure customers know what they want?

The third wave of digital transformation saw Microsoft Windows (95 version) become the industry standard operating systems platform. This shift brought the PC to surpass the mainframe and minicomputer as the favorable business application platform. Right now we are experiencing […]

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Why Should you Consider SAM Tools?

Managing software licenses might not be the most glamorous of all tasks, but it is an important job that needs to be done right to ensure compliance with licenses, agreements, and contracts. Staying organized, tracking the life-cycles, monitoring purchases, and […]

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