Case study performed using Smarter SaaS reporting, January 2022

Engineering consultant assists with process, MEICA, civil design, Offsite Manufacture & Assembly, Instrumentation Control & Automation products and Commissioning services to clients in: Energy, Process & Water, Nuclear , Oil & Gas .

Microsoft 365 subscriptions had been deployed to full time/ part time staff with variable levels of usage. As staff left and joined it was difficult to keep pace with the JML process as it related to Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

The engineering consultancy recognised there was a potential issue growing with alignment of subscriptions with users, engaging TBSC to run a 365 Health-check on their level of optimisation of Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

The Challenge?  The engineering consultancy needed to manage  and track accurately the subscriptions of current and past employees ranging from full-time, part-time, and temporary.

The Problem?  The engineering consultancy did not have systems in place for either manual or automated tracking of Microsoft 365, losing ROI, risking security and compliance.

The Solution?  The engineering consultancy was encouraged to automate Microsoft 365 reporting for the year to gain best practices, increase ROI, and recognise unused Microsoft 365 licenses.

The Results?  Benchmarking with TBSC’s 365 Health-Check, the analysis discovered 183 potential duplicate subscriptions, that could be reharvested (recycled) or optimised offering  total  annual savings of £10,612.80

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