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The organizations need to know what software they have purchased and how much they are spending on these licenses. In some cases these details have been lost and need to be “discovered”. TBSC offers a SAM discovery services which can assist in these situations.

For a small to medium sized organizations it costs around £5000. Larger organizations or those with more complex needs may require some additional professional services time. We currently offer a “no fee” refund for any organizations that comes out as an A or a B rating.

TBSC is a CCS supplier and Rentsoft Meter is listed in G-Cloud. The product has received support for development from the Technology Strategy Board with a SMART grant and has been rated a level 3 development (highest level) by their assessor. Rentsoft Meter has been selected as one of the 3 finalists for the most innovative products of 2014 by the Inspire business awards.

For organizations that have identified inefficiencies through the rating they can take remedial actions themselves or TBSC will implement them on their behalf. The fees can be on a risk and reward basis in many cases or theorganizations can choose to have a managed service. These additional services are geared to delivering the cost efficiencies. The ROI ranges from 3 to 10 times the investment cost.

The core database is cloud based so only a small component needs to be deployed. This typically takes from a few minutes to half a day and TBSC staff can perform this function or package the deployment for the organizations to implement themselves.

Yes, using your own data and viewing it on the dashboard, you can get advice on how to save costs.

It only takes a few minutes. The data is collected quickly, and you can view on a dashboard within minutes

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