Festival of Learning is an organisation that champions lifelong learning, reinforcing that learning should not stop when leaving school, college or university. Learning enriches life and people who continue to learn new things into adulthood often feel more fulfilled! (Source: https://wild-pr.co.uk/festival-of-learning-have-a-go-month/)

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How does TBSC support life long learning for our clients, partners, and employees?

We offer eLearning, included in our Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 product and powered by Bigger Brains. Bigger Brains training courses can increase your productivity by training your workers to the fullest.

About Bigger Brains

Not only does Bigger Brains provide FREE training videos online but they have a fully integrated eLearning course that can be easily accessed directly from Teams.

On average, Bigger Brains teachers have over 17 years of experience in their area of expertise, plus experience teaching in a college or corporate environment. Bigger Brains is:

  • A uniquely effective library of training courses
  • A mobile-friendly online learning platform
  • A team of professional educators, trainers, storytellers, comedians, & more
  • Eager to help you and your team be more productive

Bigger Brains and Smarter SaaS – Free Trial

Where do you stand with your Microsoft 365 usage? Are you fully optimising your software licenses? Learn how to get a boost in your business with our FREE Smarter SaaS Efficiency Rating! This free trial of Smarter SaaS may include Bigger Brains. Please contact us to get more information.

-Rates your usage efficiency
-Analyses usage levels
-License cost optimization
-Full usage dashboard
-Anonymized user details
-Free analysis – up to 180days
-Upgrade path to RPA version

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TBSC and Life Long Learning – Our Pledge

TBSC values learning and offers placements to students in college and university levels, both UK based and international. We have seen many students grow from our work environment and pledge to continue to offer placements for future students.

Additionally, we offer up-to-date Microsoft training for our employees and partners and continue to encourage joining in-person and webinar sessions that boost knowledge, specifically in the field of SaaS and SAM. We pledge to communicate with our employees and partners about training opportunities that may be fitting to their area of discipline and beyond.

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