Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 has grown in usage since our product launch in 2020. With partner and client feedback, we are continuously developing and improving Smarter SaaS to be quick, efficient, and tailor made for our users to fit their unique business needs.

Especially with the rise of remote work during the pandemic, along with changes to Microsoft’s CSP to NCE, the push for businesses to track and monitor their Microsoft 365 usage is bigger than ever. With that, TBSC are committed to providing up-to-date products and services to keep up with the times.

On 24th May 2022, 2:00pm BST TBSC are launching the new features to Smarter SaaS, replacing the older version with Smarter SaaS Pro.

What is Smarter SaaS Pro?

Smarter SaaS Pro is part of our Smarter SaaS product line. Smarter SaaS Premier will discontinue and be updated with Smarter SaaS Pro. Smarter SaaS Pro will have the same features as Premier, but also include more activity tracking with:

• OneDrive – display: users and email address, last used date, whether the user is active/Inactive, storage limit, storage use, and percentage

• SharePoint – display: individual user analysis including count of files shared internally, externally, edited or views, and visited page count.

• Exchange – display: individual analysis on read, receive, and send counts.

To learn more, please visit our product page:

Here is a quick breakdown of some new benefits of Smarter SaaS Pro:

• Easy set-ups

• Anyone can set-up a health-check or production service

• Allows scalability and more customer opportunities

• Automated email reporting

• Schedule monthly reports to customers

• Shows progress and adds extra service opportunities

• In-depth app reporting

• Value added services for:

• Sharepoint, Onedrive, Exchange, Teams

Dashboard Highlights:

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