Does your IT department track and monitor your software usage for Microsoft 365 License Compliance? Chances are this is a forgotten area of focus, especially if you do not have a Software Asset Manager on your team. Watch our latest #CoffeeTalkTBSC below to learn how to automatically track your Microsoft compliance with our tool Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365!

Microsoft Office 365 is taking over the business world. Microsoft has reported half of their business Office users are on Office 365. This number is expected to grow with the coming years. This also means there will be more and more migrations to Office 365, all for good reason. Office 365 is the hub for business communication and management. The benefits are vast, improving productivity, ensuring scalability, and securing uptime.

Even with a strong team of your top IT professionals can have issues with the auditing process and Microsoft 365 License Compliance. This is because the IT pros are ill-prepared. This is due to the native Office 365 management tools not having the maturity to assist in the way that is needed for some on-premise software.

Auditing is a major challenge! Our advise is to automatically manage your compliance. Rather than worrying this might be done incorrectly, it is best to use tools that are made for this type of job.

Here at TBSC we have developed a free webinar to help you tackle your compliance and audits! Get your free trial today!

We are also on Microsoft App Source and Microsoft Marketplace! Get in contact with us today to learn more:

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