Microsoft has made the announcement that Headspace will be integrated into the Microsoft Teams application to assist with improving remote staff wellbeing.

For the past 6 months Microsoft has studied the increase of remote working (due to the encouragement of government lockdowns to reduce the strain of the pandemic). As of now, nearly 1 in 5 Brits work from home and some businesses predict remote working will continue on indefinitely.

Microsoft believes their research throughout these 6 months can help better their applications and remote working strategy to ensure wellness. Microsoft’s key findings are:

  1. The pandemic increased burnout at work – in some countries more than others.
  2. Causes of workplace stress differ for Firstline and remote workers.
  3. Six months in there are more communications and fewer boundaries.
  4. No commute may be hurting, not helping, remote worker productivity.
  5. Studies show meditation can fight burnout and stress during the workday.

MS Teams Headspace


Due to these findings, Microsoft is currently developing the new features of adding Headspace to their Teams application.

What is Headspace?

Headspace is an application used for meditation. This application is a month-to-month subscription where listeners have access to guided meditation and music to help combat stress or anxiety. “Headspace meditations have been clinically validated to reduce stress, improve focus and increase resilience. Sessions can be as short as 10 minutes a day for people to reap the benefits of bringing awareness to the present.” (Source: )
The integration of Headspace into Teams and Outlook will take place in early 2021. Some of the features will include:

  1. Connecting more easily to employees
  2. Scheduled time for breaks
  3. Scheduled time for work & productivity
  4. See insights and patterns of behavior

MS headspace

Microsoft goes to say “The features were designed to help people overcome remote work challenges detailed in several Microsoft studies. One study found that people are working after hours and on weekends more frequently at home than they did in the office. Another study found that remote work is leading to more stress and mental fatigue from video meetings, isolation and a feeling of always being ‘on.’” (Source: )

Here at TBSC we use Microsoft Office 365, which includes Teams. We are looking forward to seeing the new changes put in place and can’t wait to test out some of these features! We had an inside look at the integration and are looking forward to scheduling meditation times before big meetings, or simply throughout an ordinary work day. Additionally, we can track our emotions throughout the workday and see where we tend to feel the most stressed. This information gives us the power to know our stressors in order to combat those feelings from impacting our work. Having the ability to practice mindfulness throughout the workday can give us the ability to fight off stress whilst encouraging a healthy remote working environment.

For more information about this new integration between Microsoft and Headspace, please email us at

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