TBSC Microsoft 365 Optimization for the New Commerce Experience

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program is ever changing and adapting to meet the current business needs of organisations of all sizes. Microsoft recently announced the latest evolution of the CSP program, the New Commerce Experience (NCE).

NCE will change how user organizations purchase Microsoft online services such as Microsoft 365. It aims to reduce complexity and provide cost savings for longer term commitments, whilst also introducing additional features to make CSP comparable to the longstanding Enterprise Agreement (EA).

By 10th March 2022 all new customer subscriptions will be agreed through NCE and renewals of existing services by 30th June 2022.

Pricing models will change and customers have a choice of monthly, annual or 3 year commitments with different pricing options dependent on the length of commitment.

For customers this means it is essential to know their level of usage optimization before choosing their commitment levels. In many cases customers have unused or partly used subscriptions and need to ensure they are not committing to these unused service for a long term commitment. Alternatively if a customer selects a flexible monthly plan they need to have continuous monitoring of usage to ensure they scale up and down as their needs change.

Want to learn more about the New Commerce Experience?

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How does TBSC help with the New Commerce Experience?

TBSC provide Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365. It reports and analyses usage of Microsoft 365 subscriptions to reveal the optimal subscription mix and shows how subscription usage can be improved. Automation tools enable unused subscriptions to be recycled and in depth analysis of key apps such as Teams shows how current usage can be increased to deliver greater efficiency.

FREE New Commerce Experience NCE Health-check

The Microsoft 365 Health-check is free of charge. It reveals the current usage levels for Microsoft 365 and how subscription licensing can be improved. It takes minutes to set up and can be converted to a full production service whenever the customer wants to optimize their licensing position ready for the NCE changes.

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