What’s the Problem with Microsoft 365?

TBSC research found 89% of businesses do not track or monitor their Microsoft 365 usage, wasting IT budget in the process. Likewise, 43% of users do not use Teams at all. This means businesses are not using what they pay for.

TBSC research also found, of thousands of users from various organisations (retail, tech, education, etc.):

-11% of users fully utilise M365 Teams functions

-5% of remote employees are non-compliant, having their subscriptions installed on more than 5 devices

-43% of users do not use Teams at all

-19% of remote staff cite isolation & loneliness are problems

Why is Teams usage so low?

We go in to detail about it in our blog here, but here are the basics:

Teams usage is low due to lack of training or showing preference to other collaboration tools like Zoom. To increase your ROI, (return on investment) we advise to encourage your remote staff to use Teams! Perhaps the latest in Teams updates will motivate your remote staff to make the switch and increase their Teams usage? Learn more about that here.

As Teams competes with Zoom and Google for the top remote collaboration tool, Teams has brought on many changes to be more efficient and user friendly. Microsoft is always open to feedback and takes on suggestions to better their products. Training your staff on these changes will benefit your business ROI!

What can you do?

Our biggest piece of advice: PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE and use what you are paying for!

But we also suggest educating yourself on your usage levels. It is easy to lose track of your employees and who is using what on which device. Especially with remote work, which is here to stay.

How to find this data for FREE?

Learn where you stand with your Microsoft 365 usage and get in control of your licenses today! We are offering you a FREE Microsoft 365 health check, Microsoft approved and available on AppSource, to see where you stand with your usage. We’ll show you a detailed benchmark of where you stand compared to the Microsoft usage goal of 95% and offer solutions to achieve smarter usage.

Get in contact with us today to get your free trial or to learn more!

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