Agentless Hardware and Software Inventory

  • Agentless Hardware and Software Inventory

    As the IT landscape of any enterprise changes rapidly, discovering what software applications and what licenses are installed on your network is not an easy task. It is however a necessary step to perform in preparation for an OS migration or for an audit. Organizations today often have geographically distributed office locations, some of which have restricted network access due to security or plain logistics. Work councils and data protection rules can also hinder the collection of data in large enterprises. All these factors make it difficult for IT administrators to perform software application discovery, which is crucial when starting a software asset management project or when faced with an audit. Companies typically have to revert to manually scanning their devices, which then becomes a never-ending, expensive task with often inaccurate results.

    TBSC offers comprehensive hardware and software inventory either with an agent or through zero-touch agentless technology. It provides a smart scan and data gathering of physical and virtual devices at low costs, as well as providing comprehensive reports about hardware, software, VMware, Hyper-V, and Oracle database servers. In addition, we remove the barriers of complex IT infrastructures and the possible limitations initiated by Works Councils regarding data gathering.


    Hardware and software inventory


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