What is the biggest problem with Microsoft 365?

  • What is the biggest problem with Microsoft 365?




    What is the biggest problem with Microsoft 365?

    Over the past 6 months TBSC has conducted research with thousands of Microsoft 365 users. We found the biggest problem with Microsoft 365 is that most organisations are not efficient with their M365 application usage.

    Usage Research

    TBSC research also found, of thousands of users from various organisations (retail, tech, education, etc.)

    -11% of users fully utilise M365 Teams functions

    -5% of remote employees are non-compliant, having their subscriptions installed on more than 5 devices

    -43% of users do not use Teams at all

    -19% of remote staff cite isolation & loneliness are problems

    TBSC established that many businesses do not track or monitor their M365 usage, with 89% NOT using Microsoft Teams functions. We have found that the increase in remote work is here to stay and having communication via Microsoft Teams can assist with the lack of in-person communication or physical office space structure.

    Here at TBSC, our first big piece of advice to improve your remote staff communication is to switch your communication tool to Microsoft Teams. Collaboration platforms are growing in popularity with the rise of the cloud. Microsoft Teams launched in 2017 and remains one of the fastest growing apps for business today. Likewise, this application is part of your business M365 subscriptions and it is worth using what you are paying for!

    Why is Teams growing fast? Microsoft Teams creates a virtual workspace for business, offering many tools to talk and collaborate with your team. Some features include chat, video & audio calls, conference calls, and notes, making for effective digital teamwork. Additionally, Teams integrates easily with Microsoft Office 365. For instance, Teams seamlessly works with SharePoint, allowing for your business to chat and have real-time editing capabilities all through a web browser. Another bonus is Teams can integrate with non-Microsoft products too.

    Learn where you stand with your M365 usage and get in control of your licenses, today! At TBSC, we offer a Microsoft 365 health check to see where you stand with your usage. We show you a detailed benchmark of where you stand compared to the Microsoft usage goal of 95%. We offer a free trial of our latest product Smarter SaaS for M365 to help you fully utilise your licenses, increase your ROI, all whilst remaining compliant.

    To sign up for our free trial, please visit: https://businesssoftwarecentre.com/free-trial/



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