Boost Microsoft 365 Utilization with Bigger Brains & TBSC

  • Boost Microsoft 365 Utilization with Bigger Brains & TBSC

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    15th March 2021 TBSC Announces Partnership with Bigger Brains

    The Business Software Centre (TBSC) is pleased to announce our partnership with Bigger Brains, an award-winning provider of e-learning courses in Microsoft 365.

    With Bigger Brains as our partner, we stand as a differentiator in the tech community as we now provide training tools alongside our software management tools. Smarter SaaS for M365, our smarter way to manage Microsoft 365, can identify training needs quickly and efficiently in an automatic way.

    From our research, TBSC found 45% of users do not fully utilize their Microsoft Teams. Bigger Brains training courses can increase your productivity by training your workers to the fullest! Microsoft Teams offers the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere and facilitates a large number of office tasks like phone calls, meetings, chats, and team collaboration, all in real time.

    “At Bigger Brains, our goal is to help people be more productive, especially by improving their skills and their comfort level with the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Apps”  Chip Reaves, President of Bigger Brains explained. “TBSC has a similar goal in how they help organizations analyze their Microsoft 365 usage to identify areas where utilization can be improved or costs can be reduced, so we’re happy to be partnering with them to help companies improve their Microsoft 365 productivity in new ways.”

    To make the transition from office to home office easier for your business and employees, we recommend utilizing your software licenses by analyzing and understanding your Teams usage. Not only that, but we advise to take advantage of Bigger Brains training tools to increase your usage to 95%.

    Smarter SaaS brings a solution to your usage challenges of Microsoft 365. It is an automated, cloud-based service that ensures an ROI improvement on your Microsoft 365 investment. We offer a free trial through Microsoft AppSource and Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and we look forward to helping your organisation become optimized with Microsoft 365 usage with Bigger Brains training courses,” said Madison Miller, Head of Marketing, The Business Software Centre (TBSC).

    By increasing your usage through training and licenses management, not only do you better your remote working strategy and communication, but you will get an increase on your ROI.

    Get in contact with us today to start your free trial! Email:

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    Want to learn more about Bigger Brains? Visit their website: (click here)


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