What IT business processes should you automate?

  • What IT business processes should you automate?

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    Business Practice Automation (BPA) means using technology to perform tasks, replacing manual effort. Having BPA in place brings businesses a streamlined process, an increase in efficiency, and minimizes costs. According to Forrester, 22% of businesses do not have excellent automation, with others doing a hybrid of manual and automatic efforts. The lack of automation causes a decrease in customer satisfaction, limits revenue growth, and takes up your employee’s time.

    Though it is important to consider every department when streamlining your business practices, we believe an often-overlooked area is software management. Lack of software management automation results in:

    • Low productivity
    • Employee dissatisfaction
    • Endless paperwork
    • Errors/ incomplete reports

    With digital transformation, your business can bring automated practices to your team, reducing the risks listed above. Through a streamlined automatic process, there would be a faster turnaround. Likewise, the automatic programs would be accurate and hold accountability, offering reports and insights to help you get a clear picture of your business.

    From our experience, common wasteful software asset management tactics include: Manual SPLA reporting, software auditing tactics, and manually tacking & monitoring usage, and others.

    If you are still hesitant on which software management practices should be automated, consider asking yourself these questions:

    • Are there high-volume tasks?
    • How many employees does it takes to perform tasks?
    • Is this task time sensitive?
    • Does this task have a significant impact on other processes and systems?
    • Are you in need of remaining software compliant?
    • Can this be done more efficiently through automation?

    If you have answered YES to any of these questions, we would recommend getting started on automating your software asset management. Below are some ways TBSC can help your business become more quick, efficient, and cost effective.

    Smarter Cloud Migrations

    Auditing is a major challenge to making the switch to the cloud. Rather than worrying this might be done incorrectly, it is best to use tools that are made for this type of job. Here at TBSC we have developed the Smarter Cloud Migrations tool that can assist with getting you on track with your Office 365.

    Switch your applications to cloud subscriptions with our Smarter Cloud Migration. During the process, we help clean your unused applications whilst cancelling your legacy applications. This allows you to run on the latest versions, problem free, with a high rate of SaaS usage.


    Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365

    TBSC offers comprehensive hardware and software scans through zero-touch agentless technology. Our smart scans make sure you are utilizing your current SaaS whilst offering automatic savings recommendations and optimization opportunities.

    Our easy-to-use Smarter SaaS provides detailed software usage reports and analysis on your Microsoft Office 365 license subscriptions. Other features include:

    • Fully automatic reporting and analysis
    • Viewing individual software usage to date
    • Cost savings opportunities
    • Optimization opportunities
    • Training opportunities

    **Smarter SaaS is also available for other SaaS licenses, please contact us for more details.

    Smarter SPLA

    TBSC has developed Smarter SPLA, a smarter way of managing your SPLA. Smarter SPLA was awarded the European Commission- Seal of Excellence, turns the manual labor of SPLA reporting into an automatic and time-efficient task.

    Some features of Smarter SPLA are:

    • Customizable web control panel
    • Agentless discovery
    • Create a subscription to send automatic report schedule
    • Versatility to collect data from all environments

    The outcomes of using Smarter SPLA are:

    • Reconciliation and optimization against licensing agreements
    • Reduce manual processing and lower administration costs
    • Improved accuracy in monthly SPLA reports to reduce errors
    • Validates against SKUs/Licensing models

    Smarter SPLA is an easy to set-up and quick to use solution to your SPLA reporting. In addition, Smarter SPLA performs automated and extensive reporting that can be exported to Excel or a billing system.

    For more information, contact a member of our sales team today! Sales@businesssoftwarecentre.com


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