How can you Save Money with Azure? Try Azure Reservations

  • How can you Save Money with Azure? Try Azure Reservations



    Monthly payment options for Azure Reservations (Azure Reserved VM Instances or Reserved capacity) are available to help you save money with Azure. Though this feature has been out for a bit, not many people seem to know about it. With this new option, you can save in advance with reserving Azure resources. This option can be done upfront or through a monthly cost – with the monthly payment at no extra cost.

    This monthly payment falls into Microsoft’s Pay-As-You-Go model which enhances pricing flexibility and offers dexterity. These features are often expected with the cloud and shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the excitement is with savings!

    Azure Reservations helps those who use virtual machines and databases that will run continuously over future years. This means you can purchase into the future, giving the Azure team a forecast into your resource needs, whether that is one-year or three-year. This helps the Azure team make predictions whilst having efficient capacity planning. Luckily for you, the bonus is this change opens up doorways to discounts, some as much as 72%.

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