Changes with Microsoft: Improvements with Office 365 Client Licensing and Activation

  • Changes with Microsoft: Improvements with Office 365 Client Licensing and Activation



    Are you ready to help your customers understand the Microsoft Office 365 changes?

    Microsoft is always open to customer feedback. After some reviews from IT Admins and customers, Microsoft is rolling out new changes to Microsoft Office 365. Particularly, with managing the activation of Office 365 subscriptions. Microsoft is excited to announce the changes which they hope will streamline the activation experience for users.

    Though some changes started rolling out in August 2019, the changes will first go with commercial customers on Monthly Channels. Afterwards, the changes will continue with the Semi-Annual Channels, which Microsoft hopes to roll out in January 2020.

    Luckily, not everything will change! With the feedback received, there will be some things that stay the same for users. These include:

    1. Sign-in: the sign in process is essential to active the Office subscription. The sign in will remain the same on their devices. This means that when single sign-on is enabled, Office can detect the user credentials, allowing Office to activate automatically.


    1. Limits of sign-in: the limit will remain the same. Users can activate up to 5 times on 5 different devices, whether that is desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.


    However, the user will experience some changes with these updates. Some of the changes to expect are:


    1. Deactivation prompts: there will be no more prompts to deactivate Office. This means when the user installs Office onto any new device they will no longer be prompted to deactivate from another device.


    1. Sign-out automatically: If the user reaches the 5-device sign-in limit, the user will be automatically signed out rather than prompted to deactivate. The sign out will take place on the device that has recently used Office. This means the next time the user starts the device, the user must sign-in again to activate Office.


    Users will not be the only ones to see some changes. Microsoft has included some admin updates which include:


    1. Device relocation: Since the activation and deactivation is user specific, there will be no more error messages received.


    1. Activation reporting: Any activations will be displaced and identified with Activation Reports. This means if one user activated Office on a device and then a second user later signed-in and activated, all actions will be documents in the Admin Center’s Activation reports.


    Overall these changes have been put into place to simplify the user experience. Microsoft is looking to improve their products and is excited to roll out with these updates. There is no action required on your end to receive these updates, they will be automatic.


    For any questions about the Microsoft updates, please feel free to email a member of our sales team:


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