How do you Choose the Right Tech? Simple, find the one that works best for your business

  • How do you Choose the Right Tech? Simple, find the one that works best for your business



    Businesses are in a constant state of change. From digital transformations, gearing towards new market demands, or upgrading to new technology, change will come. Yet, the building blocks of these changes might be overlooked. To ensure a smooth transition, these changes require to have a sound infrastructure. By having this foundation set in place, your business will have the support it needs to grow and change. This includes making the best choices in vendors and technology.

    The classic problem in tech is making the decision to go with end-to-end solutions (single vendor) or use a best-of-breed (multiple vendor) approach. Luckily, in the age of the cloud, there seems to be a new and attractive solution that gets rid of this dilemma.  This solution allows for partner integrations with the best technology for your business.

    Why consider the cloud?

    Having a single source solution can cause a lack of flexibility. This means that the growth of your business will depend on the strengths and weaknesses of the solution providers you have chosen. In the long run, the business then develops to compensate for the weaknesses of the solution provider rather than growing towards technology that suits the business.

    Likewise, by limiting your business to particular solution providers there is a lack of innovation or experimentation. This means that there will be a freeze of new ideas entering the business models. This weakens your business and limits the potential to remain competitive.

    Using best of the breed allows for technical agility. However, there is the threat of not having technical integration and failures. Three main areas of failures include:

    1. Culture Clash – marrying organizations takes time and energy. Not only is this using up resources, but processes need to be put in place to ensure resources aren’t duplicated and cultures blend together.
    2. Back End Mistakes – having back end failures can impact the value of the promised acquisition.
    3. Acquisition Sabotage – sometimes sales become cannibalized. Taking the time to intergrate the sales teams takes a toll on the sales momentum of your business.

    Seeing both options, it would make sense to combine the two and go for the hybrid cloud. With the cloud, you can still tailor your needs and fill in the gaps.

    Our Advice? Decide to look at Partnerships and Technology, together

    Taking the hybrid approach ensures your business is standardising with a few strategic platforms whilst filling in the missing needs with best of the best solutions.

    For instance, Salesforce is strategic CRM solution that is standardized on platforms. Though Salesforce checks most of the features off that your business needs, there are additional features that allow for integrations with best of the breed solution providers. Additionally, the great thing about this hybrid feature is that your business can customize Salesforce to fit your unique requirements.

    How can TBSC Help you?

    We can help you look beyond the platforms and consider the entire ecosystem. Likewise, we can enhance your growth options.

    We help in assessing your current application usage and can aid you in determining what you need and use in order to move your business to the cloud. This process is known as our Smarter Cloud Migrations service, where we give you detailed discovery and inventory of your on prem or cloud applications. Next, we explore what apps you use and don’t use. Then we help you make the switch! We even offer a managed service to help you stay efficient with your tech usage.

    TBSC helps you stay competitive, up-to-date, and ensures you gain the best technology partnerships depending on your application needs.

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