Are you continuing your business optimisation? It could save you big…

  • Are you continuing your business optimisation? It could save you big…


    Businesses are ever changing, much like the tech used to enhance business strategies or even customer trends Changes to business remain important. Without it you could lose your competitive edge, failing to meet the needs of your customers, or keeping up with business trends.

    The question is, how do you stay in touch with change? One easy way to stay up to date is to remain optimised, especially with tech. In a recent study with Gartner, roughly 62% of businesses are looking to save some money to invest elsewhere in business growth.

    Our advice? develop a systematic methodology to optimise your IT. IT optimisation is a discipline that requires a process to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Though the task might seem daunting, or even boring, it is essential.

    Gartner suggests the following strategy for IT optimisation:

    1.      Strategise: create a definable strategy that helps meet the goals of your business

    2.      Evaluate: investigate which IT areas could help or hinder business (such as current spending)

    3.      Execute: plan and act

    4.      Optimise: track costs, particularly those found during the evaluation stage

    5.      Manage: track activities and maintain a decrease in spending

    Working with your team can help with the process but oftentimes working with IT organisations can generate more ideas on optimisation. For instance, taking these ideas and objectively measuring them through financial and business impact evaluations can lead to stronger cost optimisation strategies. Additionally, achievable targets can be established, providing the highest amount of savings in the shortest amount of time.

    TBSC is proud of our Smarter solutions that help make your business quick, efficient, and cost-effective with IT changes. By focusing on your software apps and usage, we can provide several helpful products and services to track your IT costs whilst providing suggestions on IT optimisation. Likewise, we offer help in cloud migration, which could be a great solution if you are looking for pay-as-you-go licensing.

    Most organizations are shifting to Office 365 subscriptions from their traditional licensing models. With attractive offers and additional functionality this seems a logical and cost-effective decision, but without effective management subscriptions it can be a costly way of purchasing software. To avoid the pitfalls a new method of software asset management is required in order to minimise risks and maximise opportunities.

    Luckily, we also offer a managed service to ensure you gain the best technology, depending on your application needs, whilst having the bonus of providing processes to make those tech switches easier.

    To learn more about our current Smarter products, please visit our website: or email a member of our sales team:


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