The end of Windows 7… are you ready?

  • The end of Windows 7… are you ready?


    Support for Windows 7 ends on January 14, 2020. To ensure you know what is going on, the end of support would mean there is an end to the security and feature updates.

    To keep your company safe, we advise you to make a plan. It might seem like a daunting task, and maybe easier to just do nothing, but without a proper plan in place, you risk your company’s security.

    To help, we have developed a 7-step method to get you geared up for the best solution!

    Smarter Migrations by TBSC provides an End of Support Audit to ensure a smooth migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  This means you can get a full machine discovery of Windows 7 installs, obtain an inventory of the software on the devices, and remediation per application. All of which is great when transitioning to Windows 10.

    To break it down, the Smarter Migrations 7-step method includes:

    Machine discovery

    Scanning the network to discover all IP devices to create a holistic approach towards Windows 10 migration

    Software inventory

    Agent-based or agentless inventory (remote and local) of installations used, their versions and further application recognition

    Application recognition

    A comprehensive software recognition report including detailed information on all recognised software products and the number of installations, while highlighting risks and optimisation potential

    Application rationalisation

    Recommendations for actions to be taken, including a list of software versions in use and a detailed description of alternatives

    Application OS collision detection

    Detailed report showing incompatibility issues and conflicts, resulting in a ‘traffic light’ result showing issues that may exist

    Application collision remediation

    Eliminating conflicts by automatic remediation using Merge Modules and Manifest Files, as well as adjustments to installation sequences

    Application integration detection

    Determining whether Windows 10 is ready for a defined target format, based on the general criteria for virtualised operation modes

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