Get Started with Teams Live Events

  • Get Started with Teams Live Events


    Are you looking for an easy to use webinar, conferencing, or training tool? Chances are if you are using Microsoft 365 you already have the tools you need! Teams Live Events is an extension to Microsoft Teams, where presenters have the opportunity to share live events to a selected audience or community via Stream, Teams, or Yammer.

    This is great news! Especially with the recent influx of remote working. It is easier now more than ever to have large audience training sessions, informative webinars, or whatever you may need to do! Rather than scheduling for a Teams call, where everyone has access to video and microphone sharing, you will have authority as the presenter to designate who else can present with you (select event group members).

    Additional highlights of using Teams Live Events include:

    1. The community can chat and ask questions in the Q+A box to the right side of the screen. As a presenter, you can monitor these comments and approve for publishing.
    2. You gain access to attendee data. Specifically, you can see how well your webinar is doing by monitoring guest attendance and viewing times.
    3. If you offer a live event with a public setting, you are instantly generated a public link that gives access to anyone interested in joining the session. Having a public link is great for marketing and development.
    4. Before going live, you and the other presenters can organise together using your presenter link. You can discuss the webinar, practice sharing screens, and review, all before going live!
    5. The live event vent does not start until you click ‘go live.’ This is different than a Teams meeting where anyone can start the call if they are invited.
    6. The viewer watches the event live or on-demand using DVR controls. The viewer does not need a Teams account to watch and can join in anonymously or authenticated.

    How do you know if you have access to Teams Live Events?

    Odds are if you are using a Office 365 E1, E3, E5, A3 or A5 license, you are already on Teams.

    How can you manage your Teams license?

    With our latest tool Smarter 365, we give you the ability to track and monitor software usage to identify key M365 areas that need optimization improvement. This includes Teams and Teams Live events.

    Our Smarter 365 Teams service helps your business optimise remote working and ensures an efficient, connected, employee network, all from the comfort of each home office. Additionally, Smarter 365 Teams aids in productivity, reduced employee stress, and optimizes ROI on home worker investments. We ensure full Teams usage and help your remote workers utilise the Teams features & benefits.

    The benefits of using Teams include:
    • Empowering remote workers
    • Access to virtual communication tools
    • Team collaboration through file sharing Increased focus on tasks & projects Higher productivity and efficiency
    • Integration of other Microsoft Office 365 applications

    How to schedule a Teams Live Event?

    TBSC will help you step-by-step. To view how to create and scheduele a Teams Live Event, please visit our How to Schedule a Teams Live Event blog.

    For more information on how to get in control of your M365 licenses, contact us today! Please email:


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