Get Sustainable with Microsoft Teams

  • Get Sustainable with Microsoft Teams


    According to Microsoft, by 2030 their mission is to be zero waste across their direct waste footprint and by 2025 they will have eliminated single use plastic packaging. Microsoft has shown a commitment to the environment by reducing their impact through various plans and areas of focus that will enhance reduce, reuse, and recycle activities.

    With their efforts, Microsoft has placed changes in their products, services, operations, etc. to achieve their environmental commitment goals.

    Following Microsoft’s lead, you may be wondering how to get started with your own sustainability practices. Though this task may be a new frontier for your business, what if I told you that your business can make small adjustments to your current strategies that can make a really big impact on sustainability?

    Globalization is the major cause for environmental and unsustainable practices. Increased use of transport, exploitation of resources and workforces are among the negative effects. However, there are considerable benefits, including the rise in the standard of living and employment, for many people in high value jobs. TBSC has the view that globalization will not be reversed but the negative effects can be reduced with the positive benefits enhanced by the use of certain technologies.

    A key point to be made here is that the proper technology can assist with reducing energy consumption and cost while also improving your business efficiency and increasing your ROI.

    Here at TBSC, our first big piece of advice to improve sustainability is to switch your communication tool to Microsoft Teams. Collaboration platforms are growing in popularity with the rise of the cloud. Microsoft Teams launched in 2017 and remains one of the fastest growing apps for business today.

    Why is Teams growing fast? Microsoft Teams creates a virtual workspace for business, offering many tools to talk and collaborate with your team. Some features include chat, video & audio calls, conference calls, and notes, making for effective digital teamwork.

    Additionally, Teams integrates easily with Microsoft Office 365. For instance, Teams seamlessly works with SharePoint, allowing for your business to chat and have real-time editing capabilities all through a web browser. Another bonus is Teams can integrate with non-Microsoft products too.

    According to a Forrester study on Microsoft Teams and economic impact, there key benefits to using Microsoft Teams as the primary communication tool for your business. These benefits include:

    Forrester Image 2 Microsoft 1

    Quantifying the value of collaboration with Microsoft Teams, 2019 – Microsoft

    Not only does Teams make communication and collaboration fast and easy, but the study provides evidence that Teams elevates environmental sustainability practices. For instance, the amount of overnight trips was reduced and replaced with online meetings. This noted reduction alone has the ability to change carbon emissions.

    Microsoft empowers a sustainable modern workplace by transforming the workplace into a digital landscape.

    To learn more about Microsoft’s sustainability efforts and view updates on their progress, please visit:


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