SaaS as Sustainable Software: Go Software Green for the Environment

  • SaaS as Sustainable Software: Go Software Green for the Environment


    When controlling your Software as a Service usage you will no longer waste energy!

    Microsoft has a big carbon neutral policy. Following this, other corporations want to do this too, eliminating wasted energy on unused resources and helping improve the environment .

    SaaS is software in the cloud, accessible from web browsers instead of individual computers or business networks. If you have not signed up for SaaS yet, other perks of this licensing include the subscription model. This means the software is licensed via subscription month-to-month and can be delivered by the creator, like Microsoft of Adobe. You will not need to host any applications on your premises by using SaaS, which reduces the amount of IT or maintenance involvement.

    All of this makes SaaS a perfect contender for future business practices. But what makes it a contender for sustainable software?

    SaaS is seemingly inherently greener than on-premise software. This is boiled down to the power usage. According to Forbes, A user environment with on-premise software uses more power than SaaS. However, this means that the energy usage for SaaS switches from the user environment to the data centres. The book Harnessing Green IT: Principles and Practices suggests in order to save on energy, it is important to select data centres that are power efficient but also closer to the user’s environment.

    Besides this, other ways of reducing energy with SaaS is to ensure you know your usage and non-usage per application and to monitor your users. For instance, you can save on energy by reharvesting unused licenses or even learning how to fully optimise your license usage.

    How can TBSC help you go green?

    Smarter SaaS for M365 Efficiency Chart Rating can help with getting your business on the BEST license practices by reviewing the past 180 days’ worth of data:

    • Set goals
    • Measure usage
    • Identify variances
    • Implement solutions
    • Subscription recycling
    • Training
    • Right facilities

    efficiencey example 2

    Try for FREE today! A £3,000 value!

    We will show you how to improve your efficiency rating and help you go from red to green. Other features include:

    • Available for a 30-day free trial
    • Can download directly off Microsoft Marketplace
    • Complete license overview
    • Subscription optimisation opportunities
    • Automatic downgrade & re-harvesting calculation
    • Automated notification emails to verify users
    • M365 compliance overview

    To get started with Smarter SaaS, please visit:


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