Growing your business with G- Cloud 9

  • Growing your business with G- Cloud 9

    Are you looking to significantly grow your business in the UK public sector? If so, don’t miss this opportunity as G- Cloud 9 is going to open for applications on 7 March.

    grow business with G- Cloud 9

    Grow business with G- Cloud 9

    G-Cloud is a UK Government initiative to encourage the adoption of cloud services across the whole of the public sector. It simplifies how the public sector buys and delivers services by creating a pay-as-you-go marketplace (Digital Marketplace) of commodity services that can be easily scaled up or down, based on the changing needs of a business and its users.

    G-Cloud consumption figures were almost £1.7bn, up to 1st Nov 2016. So by listing your products and services on the Digital Marketplace via G-Cloud, you could gain access to more than 800 suppliers and more than 7,000 services across all types of cloud service models, including public, private and hybrid without the need for complex, expensive or time consuming procurements.

    But to place a successful bid, you have to not only understand the bid submission process, but also have the right credentials in place to meet very specific buyer requirements.  Not only have we have been successfully approved ourselves since 2014, we’ve also helped many of our partners do the same. 

    We won’t charge you until your services are awarded in G- Cloud. So why not contact us today at here?


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