TBSC helps manage Adobe
TBSC helps manage Adobe

Are you watching your Adobe usage?

We found that Adobe is an often-overlooked area when it comes to software asset management. In recent times, we can attribute this to the move to the Creative Cloud. Yes, even with this move, there are still risks with non-compliance, cost, and usage.

If you are using Adobe chances are you have user accounts and devices that are unmanaged. Due to this, you might either be over-licensing, under-licensing, or wasting money on unused, unallocated licenses. Or, we have found, that you could be paying way too much for specific elements in the subscriptions when a Creative Cloud for Teams license would be cheaper.

Our partner, EasySAM, an independent software asset management consultancy, found organisations are over-licensing on functionality, applying (for example) a full Acrobat license where Reader would be more than sufficient.

Here is the one simple step you need to make to manage your Adobe: get a software asset management tool. Needless to say, our solution Smarter SaaS could help you re-harvest licenses and money on your current Adobe licensing!

What is Smarter SaaS?

You might know our Smarter SaaS product as a Microsoft 365 software asset management tool. But, Smarter SaaS goes beyond M365 and offer over 40+ SaaS products we can track and monitor for you all in one dashboard.

Smarter SaaS is the quickest and easiest way to keep you optimised with your SaaS applications by increasing application usage and calculating savings recommendations for over 40+ SaaS services. Smarter SaaS enables you to recognise and manage the key factors for cost efficiencies and non-usage, encouraging an optimised environment. We can help you monitor Adobe, Salesforce and 40+ other applications!

FREE TRIAL – Get your free trial here.

TBSC has earned the European Commission Seal of Excellence for our Smarter products, and for good reason. Our Smarter solutions help you stay up to date with your SaaS & SAM, providing efficient & effective ways to optimise your current software strategy.

We are offering a free trial of our Smarter SaaS product. See for yourself how we have helped many businesses with their software asset management!

o Fully automatic reporting and analysis

o Viewing individual software usage to date

o Cost savings opportunities

o Optimization opportunities

o Training opportunities

o Reharvesting options

o Compliance reassurance

o Free TBSC advice and analysis

Any questions? Please get in contact with us at info@businesssoftwarecentre.com

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