IAITAM Ace 2020: Join us for Smarter SaaS

  • IAITAM Ace 2020: Join us for Smarter SaaS


    IAITAM Ace 2020 virtual conference 

    9th September 2020 at 10:00am 

    Are you being taken for a ride on the SaaS roller coaster?

    The vast majority of SaaS subscriptions are now unmanaged yet there are simple ways to ensure you optimize you app usage. Bring you Microsoft 365 and other SaaS brands with these insights on how to get the best from the SaaS revolution. Join Phil Hames from TBSC at the virtual IAITAM Ace 2020 virtual conference 9th September 2020 at 10:00am.

    Sign up here: https://ace2020.iaitam.org/

    More about Smarter SaaS 

    Smarter SaaS, managing your Microsoft 365.

    Our goal is to help your business achieve efficiency through intelligent, web-based software. Our easy-to-use Smarter SaaS provides detailed software usage reports and analysis on your Microsoft Office 365 license subscriptions. Other features include:

    • Fully automatic reporting and analysis
    • Viewing individual software usage to date
    • Cost savings opportunities
    • Optimization opportunities
    • Training opportunities

    To learn more please contact a member of our sales team at Sales@businesssoftwarecentre.com


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