IDC Software Licensing and Pricing Predictions: Top 10 Predictions

  • IDC Software Licensing and Pricing Predictions: Top 10 Predictions

    Software spending is projected to grow 9.4 percent in 2018 to total $387 billion. Many organisations can cut spending on software significantly by implementing software usage metering.

    IDC predicted that close to 50% of organisations will have the processes and tools in place to meter usage of their major on- premises software by 2018. Customers will be able to factually answer the questions- Do we need this product? Are we paying for the correct quantity? Do we need support/maintenance? With over £1.7b being wasted in the UK on unused software licenses every year, you will now be able to track and pay for only the software you use.

    Rentsoft Meter help you to do this in a way that helps you get to realised value more quickly. We are offering products and services that help drive utilisation.

    Some of the leading organisations in the world are now gaining from the benefits of this technology and reducing their wasted licensing costs. Our technology is easy to use and delivers cost saving results within weeks. Click here to request a free trial.

    Does software usage shape SAM?

    Does software usage shape SAM?


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