Improve your Team with Microsoft Teams

  • Improve your Team with Microsoft Teams



    Microsoft is switching from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, and for good reason. Teams is a powerful teamwork hub where you and your team can communicate fast and effectively to ensure smooth business operations.

    In other words, Teams helps ensure an open communication environment.

    Microsoft’s mission is to provide your business with all the business tools you may need, which includes team communication. With that, Teams has developed into a tool that has email, live chats, sharing capabilities, and more!  By listening to feedback, Microsoft provides regular updates that include new features and identification of shortcomings. All this effort pays off, providing a better user experience.

    If you still aren’t convinced to get your business using Teams, here are some additional benefits to check out:

    1. Productivity – seems like a word that you may pass over, as productivity is just a standard way of conducting business. However, Microsoft Teams really does offer a more productive way for your Team to communicate effectively. With the way offices are nowadays, your team can easily stay connected, whether it is organizing a meeting or connecting to your remote workers. Teams offers a collaboration tool that includes everything in one single app. You get chats, online meetings and calls, file sharing, and can even integrate your third party applications too!


    1. Digital work environments – it is no secret that time does not slow down, especially with technology. Our offices are in a state of transformation, taking what we once saw office work and shifting to a new environment. The digital space is used more and more to conduct business and Teams is keeping up with the changes in tide. What I mean by this is Team is using the cloud. The cloud gives your business the opportunity to access everything from the web, which allows you to access information anywhere you go.


    1. Focus – you no longer need to worry about cc’ing your team in emails. Instead, you can use the @-mention feature on your channels to tag the relevant employees to your post. Likewise, you can leave these messages open so all employees can read and stay in the loop. Rather than planning for meetings for the small stuff, @-mentions gives you the opportunity to focus and share your message as quickly as possible.


    Channels also allows for you to prioritise your time. By posting on channels, you no longer need to worry about looking through scattered emails. Using the channels provides a space where it is strictly work-related content.

    With all these benefits, I think the next question to ask yourself is: Am I ready to join teams? It might be best to make the switch to Teams sooner rather than later, especially because Microsoft is retiring Skype for business.

    How can TBSC’s Smarter Software Management help you?

    For more information on Smarter Software Management or how we can help you make the switch from Skype for Business to Teans, please contact a member of our sales team at or visit our website:


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