Improve your IT ROI by Gaining Better Visibility with agentless scanning tool

  • Improve your IT ROI by Gaining Better Visibility with agentless scanning tool

    Enhanced visibility into actual software usage and deployments with agentless scanning tool can translate into significant savings. Not only will organisations be more likely to procure and deploy software in the right areas in the right increments, they can do so more cost effectively through better purchasing decisions or negotiating leverage.

    By continuously evaluating, updating and adjusting software deployments in line with usage, companies can achieve an optimisation of both software and hardware spending. There can be fewer software deployments, translating into less hardware, less data centre space and less power consumption. So not only are there are green benefits but you can get to a lower total cost of ownership. Better management of IT assets can also lead to labour cost savings. The greater visibility provided by a SAM program can reduce the number of IT resource hours required to manage the environment, potentially dropping these costs- per- PC by half.

    TBSC provides comprehensive hardware and software scans and software usage metering. We enable data gathering of physical and virtual devices, as well as providing comprehensive reports about hardware, software, VMware, Hyper-V, and Oracle database servers. In addition, we remove the barriers of complex IT infrastructures and the possible limitations initiated by Works Councils regarding data gathering.

    agentless scanning tool

    agentless scanning tool

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