Improving your Work Hub with Microsoft Teams

  • Improving your Work Hub with Microsoft Teams


    work-hubCollaboration platforms are growing in popularity with the rise of the cloud. Microsoft Teams launched in 2017 and remains one of the fastest growing apps for business today.

    Why is Teams growing fast? Microsoft Teams creates a virtual workspace for business, offering many tools to talk and collaborate with your team. Some features include chat, video & audio calls, conference calls, and notes, making for effective digital teamwork.

    Additionally, Teams integrates easily with Microsoft Office 365. For instance, Teams seamlessly works with SharePoint, allowing for your business to chat and have real-time editing capabilities all through a web browser. Another bonus is Teams can integrate with non-Microsoft products too.

    Other highlights of Teams that are important to mention include:

    1. Meetings are made easier, allowing for PC and mobile users to join through video and audio calls.
    2. Files can be opened directly through Teams without needing to go to where the files are stored. This means any file you have on SharePoint is available through Teams.
    3. Tabs lets you add content to your Teams channel. This means you can add different tabs like calendar, PowerBi, Team Planner, or even external content, to your team. This makes for an easy space to access important information relating to your team.
    4. Mobile app for Teams can access all the above information and is available for IOS and Android.

    Are you thinking of joining Teams?

    It might be best to make the switch to Teams sooner rather than later, especially because Microsoft is retiring Skype for business.

    How can TBSC’s Smarter Software Management help you?

    Smarter Inventories

    We can discover your users, applications, and licenses, which gives you a complete, visible inventory on your current subscriptions. Not only can we target the cloud, but we can help discover what you have on-premise. This information is used to plan the migration stage, where you can sort out what you use, what you don’t use, to ensure you do not carry over redundant apps.

    Smarter 365

    Smarter 365 can show you who is accessing Skype for Business. Not only can you see the usage, but you can monitor in real-time your current licenses. This visibility allows you to target the users still on Skype for Business. This data remains a solid foundation on planning the switch to Teams by knowing who to target for license adjustments and Teams training.

    For more information on Smarter Software Management or how we can help you make the switch from Skype for Business, please contact a member of our sales team at or visit our website:



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