Inspire your Customers to Stay up-to-date with Tech Whilst Growing your Cloud Business

  • Inspire your Customers to Stay up-to-date with Tech Whilst Growing your Cloud Business


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    IT innovation is a constant in today’s world, developing faster than ever before throughout history. This change opens doors for opportunities, especially for businesses and organisations that are aiming to grow.

    Though having IT resources help secure business strategies and roads to expansion, this also means there is no room for failure. To ensure your clients do not fail in the IT world, its best to understand the current dilemma’s they may face:

    1. Modernisation – businesses are aware they need to modernise to keep up with the times. However, most businesses are unaware of how to structure or time this process and do not know the changes modernisation can make on the business.
    2. Migration – some businesses are still on premise and are unaware of the steps to move to the cloud or use a hybrid option.
    3. Uncertainty – oftentimes uncertainty of IT leads to no action

    How can TBSC help you with these issues?

    Whilst these issues do bring up concerns, customer education becomes key in the process. Rather than pushing products or solutions on your customers, we advise education and helping your clients understand and organise their IT before taking on large IT projects.

    Taking this approach can help your business grow. How? You’re offering education, support and management, which takes away customer indecisiveness, provides an avenue to follow for IT projects, and assist with migrations.

    How can TBSC help you grow your cloud business?

    TBSC is proud of our Smarter solutions for software asset management. We have developed a full-proof method to ensure you can provide your clients the helpful tools they need to make Smarter choices with their IT.

    Our Smarter solutions gain you more cloud business through 4 easy steps:

    1. Discovery & Inventory — discover what your clients have before migrating to the cloud. We can help discover and take inventory of what your clients have, generating reports of target opportunities.
    1. Product Usage — explore what apps are used and not used. Assessing your client’s current application usage and can aid your client in determining what they need and use in order to move their business to the cloud.
    1. Migration — make the switch to cloud subscriptions. From EA to CSP, we can help get your client on the cloud.
    1. Managed service — manage your client’s subscriptions month to month to stay efficient, cost effective, and productive.

    TBSC helps you stay competitive, up-to-date, and ensures you gain the best technology partnerships in order to grow your cloud business. For more information please contact a member of our sales team: or visit our website:



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