Microsoft Dynamics 365: Ready for a Change?

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Ready for a Change?



    Microsoft Dynamics 365 will roll out new functionality beginning October 2019. The idea is for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to release wave 2, or the next wave of changes promised from earlier this year, in order to improve the user experience for those running Dynamics 365.

    What does this mean for you?

    Though Dynamics 365 will update automatically in some cases, most of the functionality will not roll out automatically for end users. Likewise, some of these updates will not be available in a few regions. Additionally, most of these new features will require the users to be on the Unified Interface, which is a bridge between mobile and web platforms.

    To help prep for this change, administrators should be aware of wave 2 for Dynamics 365. Knowing the change will take place in October 2019 will make for an easier release, allowing administration to help efficiently update end users.

    For those of you who are on simple Dynamics 365, it will not be a tough process. However, those of you using customization or have complex implementation, there might be unexpected changes. Here is a list of some new enhancements and changes:

    • Email communication update
    • Business card scans
    • LinkedIn Sales Nav update
    • Sales professional sign up update
    • Opportunity details – won/ lost/ close, update
    • Sales workflow update
    • Lead management update
    • Searching tool update
    • Microsoft Teams update
    • Virtual agent for customer service update

    It is also worth mentioning that at the same time of the wave 2 launch, D365 will roll out with a new licensing model. Rather than having selected plans, the primary change involves selecting licenses through user needs, or a la carte. Those joining D365 in October 2019 will be part of the new model, those who have current licenses will not be impacted.

    For a detailed list of changes to D365, please visit Microsoft’s D365 Wave 2 plan overview:

    Early access is also available. For more information on this program, please visit Microsoft’s blog:

    We are keen to help you understand these changes. If you have any additional questions, please contact a member of our sales team at or visit our website


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