Microsoft Introduces Self-Service Purchasing

  • Microsoft Introduces Self-Service Purchasing

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    Microsoft has announced they will be offering self-service for their Power Platform products

    What does this mean?

    Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate subscriptions can be bought by end users, on their own.

    Microsoft plans to launch self-purchasing on January 14th 2020, beginning in the United States with other markets available shortly after. Keep in mind, this is not available to those in education, government, or non-profit sectors.

    What is the role of the Microsoft partner?

    Microsoft 365 admin center allows for partners to view self-service purchases using administration privileges. Partners can assist their clients who want to centralize products through the self-service purchasing

    Partners are not expected to provide training or support through the products purchased through the self-service. Instead, Microsoft can provide the support.

    What is the role of the end user?

    When making the purchase, the end user relies on their business internal policies and procedures. Likewise, communication is made to ensure these purchases comply with company policies with self-service purchasing, the end user can purchase their products without admin.

    In order to purchase you must sign in, guest users cannot complete a self-service purchase. After the purchase, assigning licenses can only be done with those users in the same Azure AD tenant. End users can also manage their purchase using the Microsoft 365 admin center.

    We here at TBSC think this is an interesting move on Microsoft’s part. With this news out, there are many opinions forming. Only time will tell how this change impacts the licensing world.


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