Microsoft Names Next Windows 10 Upgrade: ‘2004’

  • Microsoft Names Next Windows 10 Upgrade: ‘2004’



    Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade named as ‘2004’

    No, Windows is not stuck in a time machine in the year of 2004. Instead, the number is meant to be read as year (yy) and month (mm). This indicates the next windows 10 release will be in April of 2020.

    Currently Windows 10 2004 is in testing and will be Microsoft’s first feature upgrade of 2020.

    Before naming this new upgrade, the beta builds were referred to as ‘upgrade 20H1’ which represents a release in the first half of 2020. However, with the November issue of the beta, the name changed to Windows 10 2004

    Brandon LeBlanc, a senior program manager on the Windows Insider team, stated in a company blog post, “We have chosen to use 2004 as the version to eliminate confusion with any past product names (such as Windows Server 2003).”

    What is new with Windows 10 2004?

    Some new features will include:

    • Automatic detection of Bluetooth devices & pairing
    • Cloud downloading options (to reset platform)
    • Windows Update tab to be in added to Settings (can also view optional updates)
    • Chromium edge updates

    Looking to try Windows 10 2004?

    You can try Windows 10 2004 by signing up for the Windows Insider program in the Slow ring. From our understanding, the version provided has more features than the release of Win 10 1909 in November of 2019.

    Microsoft has many announcements planned for 2020 and is looking for testers and feedback.


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