Microsoft Teams Update: New background options!

  • Microsoft Teams Update: New background options!


    Remote work has grown tremendously these last few weeks. The rise in remote workers has caused a spike in Microsoft Teams usage. Many businesses are using Teams to communicate effectively with their employees during this time to ensure business is running smoothly. However, sometimes the home-office can be chaotic and distracting, especially when a Teams video call is taking place.

    As families are together now more often due to self-isolation, there is no predicting what can go on in the background. Likewise, even the smallest of background objects might be distractions to your clients, even your cat!

    Microsoft is always open to feedback and takes on board suggestions to better their products. After reviewing many suggestions and seeing some of the pitfalls with the current camera options, Microsoft has announced a new future to be added to Teams: customized backgrounds.

    What are customized backgrounds?

    With a click of a button, you can transform the background of your video call to something less home-officey.

    How is this done?

    This technology is based off Teams current blur technology, but now allows for a custom background. Simply select the background you like, and it will instantly cast. You have plenty of options, from different environmental settings to your company logo!

    This feature will be rolled out soon and we will keep you posted on the details!

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