Microsoft Updates: Enhancing Virtual Work and Learning with Teams

  • Microsoft Updates: Enhancing Virtual Work and Learning with Teams


    Since the big push for remote work, Microsoft has seen a rise in their Teams usage. However, there has been a rise in Google and Zoom usage as well. To stay competitive, Microsoft will introduce new updates in August/ September 2020 that will enhance the user experience even more.
    As the future of work and education transforms, Microsoft is committed to learn from their customers to create products that better fit the future of work. With extensive customer research and collaborating with virtual reality AI , Microsoft’s aim is to bring virtual interactions more natural with these upcoming new features.
    I have compiled a list of some features I find to be interesting and helpful to businesses:

    • Together Mode – this is a fun mode where everyone on a video call/ meeting can share the same background. The idea behind this is to create a sense of belonging and community where everyone appears to be sitting in the same setting. Microsoft found in their recent study, that 52% of the employees they surveyed feel like they are included and valued when in the same virtual room.


    • Dynamic View – instead of only seeing a few speakers at a time, Teams will now show 49 speakers, known as a large gallery room. Likewise, you will now have split screen view where you can view presentations along with speakers. Finally, Microsoft is adding virtual breakout rooms where those in meetings can split into smaller groups for brainstorming.


    • Larger Meetings – Teams can now allow for 1,000 meeting participants that can share audio and video. Teams Live Events can now allow up to 20,000 participants.


    • Suggested Replies – rather than spend time typing, Microsoft is now offering suggested replies in Teams. With one tap, you can generate a full message / response to your team.


    To learn more about these updates and to find out what else Microsoft has in store, please visit Microsoft’s blog:

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