New Strategic Partnership Announcement

  • New Strategic Partnership Announcement

    Westcoast Cloud and The Business Software Centre Delighted to Deliver More Options to Software Asset Management.

    Furthering the goal to help businesses remain efficient with their software, The Business Software Centre is thrilled to announce the Partnership with Westcoast Cloud, offering a robust set of solutions to propel cloud businesses.

    With a passionate team and drive for excellence, Westcoast Cloud offers market leading tools that enhance provisioning, management and billing of cloud services. By automating the process, Westcoast Cloud takes away the worry and frees up time for their customers. Likewise, their expertise in CSP also allows for tailored, flexible products.

    “This is an exciting partnership to have. The product allows us to deliver a solution that matches the CSP model of efficiency, whilst delivery exceptional reporting, that our customers can use to scope further opportunities.” – Michael Freeman, Sales Manager Westcoast Cloud

    Organizations, on a global scale, are constantly on the look-out for easier, efficient, and better ways of purchasing and monitoring their software licenses. This means the world of SAM is in a constant state of change. The Business Software Centre solution provides clients with more options to address their specific situations and more availability for help and support during the process. Our foremost goal is to satisfy the customer by providing our best services. This partnership will surely help enhance and enrich our businesses and, likewise, provide newer services.

    “This partnership aligns with our core philosophy, which is ‘pay for the software you use and use the software you are paying for,’ “said Madison Miller, Marketing Coordinator for The Business Software Centre. “Having Westcoast Cloud as our partner helps provide our mutual customers the opportunity to gather software inventory and usage whilst providing options on ways to utilize current subscriptions or cut down on costs, all on an easy customer billing model.”

    For more information please visit the Westcoast Cloud vendor page here.


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