Office 365: Safety Updates & the Cloud

  • Office 365: Safety Updates & the Cloud


    Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Safe Links have been extended and will be released this month.

    What does this mean for you?

    The ATP Safe Links provide verification protection with a “time-of-click” on web addresses. This rule applies to URLS found in emails as well as Office documents. However, the big change is this coverage now extends to Office Online, going beyond clients using installed applications on Mac, Windows, Andrios, and IOS.

    Microsoft Office, formally known as Office Online (pre July 2019), is going to embrace the cloud by sharing all the Office apps to the web. With that, the threat protection will protect you from malicious links by inspection. If a link would happen to be harmful, there will be a warning page rather than the original page dedicated to the URL.

    Additionally, added benefits to the safety update includes:

    • Safe Links becomes easier to set up since the configurations are now on a single setting for desktop and online.
    • Enabled by default on any web app, providing automatic alerts to the user when a malicious link is found.
    • Manual threat hunting
    • Admins can supply the Microsoft security team with suspicious URLS/ files for analysis
    • Upgrade to phishing email notifications/ quarantined emails

    The takeaway from this update is that security is expanding, integrating across Office 365.

    Now would be a great time for you to make the switch to the cloud. Security features are ready for you, the only thing you need to do is contact us today to help make the switch!

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