We are proud to announce TBSC will be at the IAITAM Euro Ace 2019!

  • We are proud to announce TBSC will be at the IAITAM Euro Ace 2019!


    What is IAITAM Euro ACE 2019?

    This two day event (14-15 November) at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel, Netherlands is packed full of lectures, workshops, educational resources, product demos, and plenty of time to network. The goal of IAITAM ACE is to explore the most up-to-date look in IT asset management.

    Being a leader in conferences for IT professionals and more, IAITAM ACE helps review IT asset management and it’s ongoing impact on business operations and profitability. Additionally, attendees can expect take-home knowledge that can be implemented in their businesses, improving asset management in the process.

    Representing TBSC at the IAITAM Euro Ace 2019 will be Phil Hames. Hames’ has worked in the software industry since the days of floppy disks and green screens. He is the founder of TBSC and works to provide smarter software licensing with a particular focus on SaaS. He is a regular speaker at IAITAM events with practical advice on increasing ROI on software investments.

    Topic of Choice:

    Phil Hames will present on Smarter 365, a smarter way of managing Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions.

    Recent research by TBSC for over 200,000 subscriptions reveals that 100% of MS Office 365 users say they want to manage their cost of subscriptions. However, half of the respondents have no method of doing this and the rest have only partial solutions. They also say they would switch their CSP supplier if they could get better subscription management as part of the service.

    We recommend using our tool Smarter 365 if you are running on Office 365 subscriptions. This tool monitors your usage and can offer automatic recommendations on savings. Typically, this involves flexing your subscribers up or down on a month to month basis to save on cost, downgrade & reharvesting suggestions, and more. However, the bonus to Smarter 365 is that you can track all app usage per user, so you know who is using what! This means if one of your team members is not using an app, you can offer additional training to help get them up to speed. This process really helps with utilising the apps you’re paying for.

    Hames’ session will be 14th September 2019, 16:00 – 17:00 in Salon B.

    For more information please visit: https://ace2019europe.iaitam.org/


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