Red Hat Funded Subscription Discovery and Assessment

  • Red Hat Funded Subscription Discovery and Assessment

    With a Red Hat subscription, you get the latest technology with the assurance you need to keep your business running. You also benefit from the expertise of engineers making software the open source way. You can count on receiving the latest product versions with the stability and security you’ve come to expect from Red Hat.

    Under the Enterprise Agreement, when you have one active subscription within a product family, purchase a Red Hat subscription, you agree to maintain the same number of active subscriptions as the total number of units of Red Hat Products (including variants or components thereof) that you deploy, install, use or execute. This means you must maintain subscriptions for each and every instance or installation of Red Hat software being used in your environment.  In effect this is an all or nothing agreement.

    One of the most common risks when managing your Red Hat estate is not properly identifying and tracking the product details (ie. install date, number of CPU’s or Cores, number of instances, environment, etc.)  in order to maintain accurate asset management records and perform reporting and optimization activities.

    As a Red Hat Subscription Education and Awareness’s partner, TBSC can provide a fully funded scan and assessment to optimise your Red Hat subscription. This scan/assessment service is funded by Red Hat (*). There are three parts to this service:

    • A baseline scan of the Red Hat estate using “non-invasive” agentless technology to find the installations of Red Hat products. Where existing data is available this can also be used.
    • An assessment of the subscription position of Red Hat products and how the subscriptions can be optimised for the current install position.
    • A joint workshop with explanation and assistance from Red Hat on how to optimize subscriptions and gain maximum benefit for the future.

    The scan is extremely simple to initiate – we just need access to your network. Transparent to your operations, we will discover, inventory, analyse and report on the status of your networked IT infrastructure. The discovery and inventory process is fast and very accurate. In fact, the depth of inventory data discovered and the accuracy of that data is better than any other comparable solution on the market.

    Grasp this opportunity to gain a better visibility of your Red Hat Subscription and avoid any risks. Contact us here today to arrange a free assessment here.

    (*) This scan/assessment service is funded by Red Hat for qualifying customers and partners. Results can be used by the customer for validation of their existing methods of creating inventories. Details will also be shared with Red Hat to ensure correct subscription positions in the future.



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