Microsoft is open to reseller feedback – free software stays

  • Microsoft is open to reseller feedback – free software stays



    Microsoft’s reseller network provided feedback that has impacted some of Microsoft’s decisions going forward (maybe you were part of the feedback to help make this possible). Read below to find out how these Microsoft changes may benefit you.

    In July 2019 Microsoft made the announcement that they will no longer plan to remove free software from their channels. After some backlash from resellers after the announcement to take the free licensing away, Microsoft will continue to provide free licenses to resellers. These free licenses have provided businesses the opportunity to grow and develop. Luckily Microsoft will keep the free licensing now. This is especially beneficial if you are a small business looking to get on your feet.

    Roughly 9,800 new partners join Microsoft on a monthly basis. By partnering with Microsoft as a reseller, businesses can save plenty of money on their license subscriptions, especially when compared to retail costs. Yet, the initial choice to take away the free subscriptions has not been confirmed. Rather, some resellers speculate a small number of partners were only joining for the Microsoft perks rather than winning more business. This alleged information is what some resellers believe caused Microsoft to try to phase out the free licensing.

    After reviewing reseller’s feedback, Microsoft does not plan on retiring the internal user rights on 1st July 2020 as originally quoted. This choice means Microsoft has pulled the reins on making changes to internal user rights and competency timelines. However, it cannot be confirmed this will be an everlasting decision.

    Either way, Microsoft has listened to their resellers and promises to not make changes, for now. But resellers are coming together to help offer other solutions for future situations. It has been suggested that Microsoft should develop a rewards programme for the resellers, compensating those that worked hard to earn more business. In this case, it takes away the threat of losing the licenses but also incentivizes the resellers to step up their selling game.

    What do you think of this news? We think it is great that Microsoft has listened to their resellers. Perhaps this will pave new flows of thought for future projects and changes to Microsoft.


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