SAM Conference- A Taste of SAM

  • SAM Conference- A Taste of SAM

    SAM Conference in London promises to satisfy your SAM appetite with a comprehensive roster of presentations covering everything from audits and application rationalization to SAP. Save room for dessert and network with international industry experts from The ITAM Review, Fisher IT Asset Consulting, The Business Software Centre, Origina, SureDatum and Aspera. You’ll go home a seasoned SAM gourmet!

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    The Sessions:

    Patrick Dickinson – Senior Consultant, Aspera GmbH

    Eight challenges for SAP License Management and how to tackle them!

    When managing SAP licenses, customers face numerous challenges, if they want to keep their license and maintenance costs down. They cannot meet these challenges using SAP’s audit tools or manual, Excel-based solutions. SAP leaves it up to their customers as to how they manually assign SAP user licenses in compliance with their contract. In this talk, Patrick Dickinson will present the most pressing challenges for SAP customers and how to best address these. Patrick will provide a short introduction to how Aspera SLC for SAP solves these issues and give an outlook on where SAP licensing is heading.


    Tomas O’Leary – CEO, Origina Ltd

    Knowing your IBM software entitlements gives you more negotiation options

    $11bn+ in revenue, a sales guys’ broken promises, aggressive auditors and sneaky changes to contracts. This is what it’s like in the world of IBM licensing today! And all because the customer has fallen out of love with IBM!

    But with so many interdependencies and complications what can the customer do to free themselves of the chains of IBM and the high cost of this relationship!

    The speaker is an advocate for business software users’ rights, a founder of one of the fast emerging players in the Third Party Maintenance (TPM) industry and is ex-IBM. He will help guide you through the complex web of IBM rules and ever changing landscape to shine the light on what is possible to achieve and how long this might take.


    Eric Chiu – CEO, Fisher IT Asset Consulting

    Licence Compliance – SAM Manager vs. vendor auditors

    Many organisations started the journey on SAM after a painful and often expensive vendor audit exercise. However the investments do not always translate to a risk-free environment, and post-SAM audits often reveal new compliance issues and financial exposures. The presentation will look at the root cause at why invested SAM programmes still fail vendor audits and provide practice advice for SAM managers to level the playing field.


    Phil Hames – CEO, The Business Software Centre Ltd

    Software Applications Rationalization

    An overview of the benefits, issues and processes involved in software rationalisation.

    Application rationalization is the radical restructuring of an application portfolio as part of an application strategy, a plan that implements changes to applications to achieve a business outcome.

    Many organizations try to achieve this by reducing the overall number of applications but many fail to deliver the expected benefits of reduced cost and increased efficiency. This presentation outlines the problems of application rationalization and how to overcome them with a logical and effective process.


    Piaras McDonnell – Co-founder, Suredatum Ltd

    Preparing for Microsoft audit of your virtualised desktop applications

    Have you measured your audit risk? If so, then it is probable that you may have a significant license compliance risk and your costs in the event of an audit will be potentially very high.

    In the last 6 to 12 months a significant increase in the number of Microsoft license reviews and audits carried out on organisations hosting applications on Citrix infrastructure (XenApp or XenDesktop) were noticed. What makes these reviews particularly alarming is that the initial estimates on compliance gaps are usually several million dollars/euros. This is because the user count of the entire organisation is used as the basis for the estimate. For relatively small organisations auditor’s estimates run into tens of millions.


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