Save on your Microsoft 365 by Managing SaaS as an Asset

  • Save on your Microsoft 365 by Managing SaaS as an Asset



    After reading an article by the ITAM Review, we found an interesting take on how to optimise SaaS applications, featuring an interview from James Moy from ViacomCBS. Though Moy’s focus was on other SaaS applications (Zoom), we wanted to provide our customers a take on Microsoft 365 SaaS applications.

    One key point Moy shares in his interview is how important it is to find the right people to communicate with about your SaaS assets. We 100% agree with this suggestion. However, it is important to note that your needs will go beyond the networking or contacts you acquire to assist you with your SaaS. To really begin to manage your SaaS appropriately, you will need the proper tools that come with accurate and actionable data.

    TBSC offers a one-stop shop when it comes to your Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Not only do we provide the communication needed to ensure you understand your SaaS usage and spend, but we provide automated tools, like Smarter SaaS for M365, that suggest training needs, help increase ROI, and provide ongoing optimization opportunities with your M365 usage.

    We are happy to help you with our free trial version of Smarter SaaS for M365, the quick, easy, and cost-effective way of managing your M365 SaaS subscriptions. This is a zero-cost free trial and we do not ask for credit card information.

    Our goal is to help your business achieve efficiency through intelligent, web-based software. Our easy-to-use Smarter SaaS provides detailed software usage reports and analysis on your Microsoft 365 license subscriptions. Other features include:

    • Fully automatic reporting and analysis
    • Viewing individual software usage to date
    • Cost savings opportunities
    • Optimization opportunities
    • Training opportunities
    • Reharvesting options
    • Compliance reassurance

    Register for a free trial by visiting our website:

    Still unsure this is the right opportunity for you?

    We offer a free Smarter SaaS Health Check where we analyze your current Microsoft 365 licensing management. After you are tested and scored, we will provide free advice on how to improve your score!

    To get your health check, please complete our online questionnaire: CLICK HERE



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