Say YES to Office 365’s Real Time Collaboration

  • Say YES to Office 365’s Real Time Collaboration



    If your business is thinking about the cloud then maybe it is time to make the switch!

    With Microsoft’s goal of being a one stop shop for all thing’s software, the world of software licensing is changing. More and more businesses are moving to Software as a Service (SaaS) and are using Microsoft products, specifically Office 365, to keep their business up and running.

    Office 365 is a leading platform in SaaS. Why? Office 365 offers real time collaboration with your software licensing. This means each application has a corresponding web app that allows for collaboration.

    Directly from the browser, without needing to open the desktop application, you and others can simultaneously edit and use many Microsoft products, including: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, etc.

    Sending copy after copy of the same document can become problematic if multiple people are looking and making changes. With SharePoint and OneDrive offering co-authoring, you can share documents inside or outside of your business. This feature also allows for real-time editing, where you can even track the changes made by the contributors. Likewise, using SharePoint and OneDrive is secure. You can decide who has access or edit the document.

    You can also say goodbye to sending attachments by email. Instead, you can share a link. This link opens a web browser that automatically hosts the latest updates and changes to your document. Another benefit to this attachment feature is that you will no longer be adding to storage space issues with users’ mailboxes.

    Offline access is also available. By using the sync option on SharePoint or OneDrive, you can sync any file onto your computer. From there, you can work on the files when you are offline and when you are back online the changes will sync to the cloud automatically.

    Office 365 is a great tool for collaboration because it uses the cloud! So, do you think you are ready to get started?

    Here at TBSC we offer help on getting your business cloud ready with our Smarter products. Before you go and buy those licenses, we can offer a complete license overview to help with deciding what licenses will best fit with your business needs. This process is called Smarter Inventories, where you can discover what you have and what you are using before migrating over. This process is important because it will help your business in the long run with being efficient and cost effective.

    Our inventory solution, Smarter Inventory, provides a comprehensive hardware and software scan using “Zero Touch Technology” in order to collect the inventory data quickly and reliably.

    Top Benefits

    • Understand what apps you currently have on-prem or on cloud
    • Discovery of which devices you are using
    • Non-intrusive and agentless scan
    • Quick and automated completion
    • Full and detailed inventory of current apps and versions
    • Baseline support for software compliance
    • Better preparation for software audits

    TBSC helps you stay up-to-date and ensures you gain the best
    technology in order to stay cutting edge with your business. Make the switch to the cloud today!

    For more information please contact a member of our sales team: or visit our website:


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