What is the Sign of a Failing MSP?

  • What is the Sign of a Failing MSP?


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    The market has found that the number one sign an MSP will fail is due to not making the appropriate market shifts!


    The current software market has changed dramatically within the past few months, as many end-user businesses have switched to remote working. A new term coined from this market shift is known as the ‘Covid Effect’ where businesses want to keep systems and employees operational but also maintain social distancing and other government guidelines.


    With this software market shift, customer demands from MSPs have also changed. End-users are seeking innovative communication tools that are easy to adapt and deploy. They also want customized solutions that ensure business fluidity and collaboration that remain in budget. Likewise, they want an MSP that can provide excellent service.


    To help give you a better scope of what your customer needs, here is a list of end-user expectations of MSPs in the software market:


    • Sell Microsoft 365 subscriptions
    • Re- harvest unused licenses
    • Provide usage reports on Microsoft 365
    • Identify optimization actions
    • Manage changes
    • Provide training
    • Provide add-ons
    • Report ROI


    Are you listening to your customers? Are you following the marketing demands and changes? Now is a great opportunity to set your business up for cloud growth and it is important to take customer expectations into consideration.


    At TBSC we have a proven tool to help increase cloud business growth. We have developed Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 with MSPs and end-users in mind.  If you are already selling Microsoft 365 licenses, this is a great tool to add-on to your current offerings!


    With Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 you can open additional opportunities for your MSP business:


    • Validate usage of Microsoft 365
    • See usage levels
    • View potential savings
    • Recognise optimization opportunities
    • Increase ROI
    • Proposal for cost savings
    • Use as a managed service


    TBSC offers comprehensive hardware and software scans through zero-touch agentless technology. Our smart scans make sure you are utilizing your current SaaS whilst offering automatic savings recommendations and optimization opportunities. For more information, contact us today at Sales@businesssoftwarecentre.com



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