TBSC, Excellence in Digital Technology with Smarter 365

  • TBSC, Excellence in Digital Technology with Smarter 365

    We are proud to announce that TBSC is a finalist in the area of Excellence in Digital Technology (sponsored by Juniper Research) with Inspire Business Awards 2019.

    Inspire Business Awards celebrates local business success in the Basingstoke, UK area. These awards ran by Destination Basingstoke shine a light on various businesses
    in a large array of categories.

    With our product Smarter 365 / Smarter SaaS, TBSC was made a finalist alongside other great businesses in digital technology.

    Smarter 365 provides quick, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. With one simple click, your Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions can be tracked easily to ensure you are fully using your licenses. Our technology provides detailed reports on your application usage and even offers ways to save on licensing costs! The best part? Smarter 365 is the smarter way of managing your Office 365 because everything is automatic. This means if you are looking to reharvest your license you can avoid the grueling process and let Smarter 365 do it for you.

    Smarter 365 provides an easy and efficient solution to your software tracking. By automating the process, time and money are spent wisely. Saving your business big in the end.

    We are very pleased to be part of Inspire Business Awards 2019 and are thrilled to share the news with you. For more information about Smarter 365, please check us out online at: https://businesssoftwarecentre.com/ or send an email to a member of our sales team: sales@businesssoftwarecentre.com




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