Smarter 365 – Maximising Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions

  • Smarter 365 – Maximising Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions


    Recent research by TBSC for over 200,000 subscriptions reveals that 100% of MS Office 365 users say they want to manage their cost of subscriptions. However, half of the respondents have no method of doing this and the rest have only partial solutions. They also say they would switch their CSP supplier if they could get better subscription management as part of the service.

    Further research reveals the top six ways that organizations waste money on these services. How do you solve these problems for your customers?

    The tops six reasons why MS Office 365 customers waste money:

    1. They pay for subscriptions for people that do not exist. Every organization does this. They assign a subscription to a user who then leaves or changes role. Some have processes which eventually identify lapsed users whilst other have no process and keep on adding more subscribers when a proportion of the subscriptions could be “re-harvested”.
    2. They don’t use the apps they have access to. All organizations are subscribing for packages of applications and not using all of them. There is a wide range of useful apps in Microsoft Office 365 E3 and E5 but many of them are only partially used. Even if app usage is measured few organizations have an adoption plan including training and analysis of app usage.
    3. They use manual methods to “re-harvest” unused subscriptions. If you don’t automate optimization you will have to go through your subscriptions one by one and action any changes. For anything more than a hand full of changes this will become impractical due to time constraints and the job won’t get done.
    4. They forget to cancel legacy applications which do the same job as your MS Office 365 apps. Many organizations start using their new MS Office 365 apps but still carry on paying for older web conference facilities storage and other apps instead of cancelling them and saving the costs.
    5. They sign up for a long-term commitment over 3 to 5 years with no provision for flexibility. Most organizations cannot predict what will happen in 3 years but they sign up to long term agreements which commit them to a number of licenses in exchange for a discount on the list price. In many cases these licenses are only partially deployed creating a surplus.
    6. They migrate over to the cloud apps which are never used. There is no point setting up new subscriptions for apps that are never used. Just because a user has an app installed on their device it does not mean they are using it so why set up a subscription for a cloud app that will never be used. Check the usage before setting up a new service.

    If you are a CSP reseller and and you are not helping your customers solve the top six issues above then the changes are someone else will. With Smarter 365 from TBSC you have the power to optimize usage of MS Office 365 apps and build more cloud business.

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