Supporting Remote Workers with Teams

  • Supporting Remote Workers with Teams


    Growing in demand, many businesses have made the switch to remote working. With that, countless now-remote employees are faced with a new battle: working from home. Even though times are changing, many businesses still do not have the structures in place for a strong remote working environment.

    Though working from home may seem like a dream to some, there are steps you can take in order to prepare you for your new home office, like finding a quiet space to work and even finding the right communication tools for your business. We can help with the latter! With a variety of communication tools to choose from, you might be faced with some questions of: which is best? How do I use this? Don’t panic. Chances are if you are using Microsoft Office 365 then you are signed up to Teams.

    Microsoft Teams offers the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere and facilitates a large number of office tasks like phone calls, meetings, chats, and team collaboration, all in real time. To make the transition from office to home office easier for your business and employees, we recommend utilising your software licenses by analysing and understanding your Teams usage. Not only that, but we advise to take advantage of Microsoft’s free training available to help ensure your employees are knowledgeable and comfortable with Teams.

    If you are unsure of who needs help with Teams, we suggest using our Smarter 365 Teams solution. Our Smarter 365 Teams service helps your business optimise remote working and ensures an efficient, connected, employee network, all from the comfort of each home office. Additionally, Smarter 365 Teams aids in productivity, reduced employee stress, and optimizes ROI on home worker investments.

    Smarter 365 Teams takes away the worry of any oversights whilst preparing for remote workers. These include:

    • Understanding Teams application usage
    • Ensuring up-to-date Teams applications are used
    • Identification of training needs
    • Optimised communication via phone, video call, chats, conferencing, and emails
    • Organised group work to ensure teamwork is fluid for creativity and performance, establishing healthy virtual workspaces
    • Month by month tracking to show improvements & ROI of remote workers

    With one simple click, your Microsoft 365 Teams subscriptions is tracked easily to ensure you are fully using your licenses. Our technology provides detailed reports on your application usage, offering the data you need to ensure proper Teams training, full license usage, and optimizing your ROI.

    Contact us today if you’re ready to track your Teams usage! Please email a member of our sales team:

    Want to review the benefits and features with our sales team? We are launching our product Smarter 365 on 1st May 2020 at 3:00pm UK time. This event is a FREE, virtual event!

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