TBSC Awarded ‘Most Innovative Software Company of 2019’

  • TBSC Awarded ‘Most Innovative Software Company of 2019’

    The Business Software Cenrtre (TBSC) was recently awarded the ‘Most Innovative Software Company of 2019’ with the ‘Best Software Usage Reporting Solution: Rentsoft Meter’ from the 2019 UK Enterprise Awards (SME News). The annual UK Enterprise Awards recognizes UK businesses that span across different industries which hold excellence in their field and maintain top quality products and services.

    The UK’s business community has shined during these uncertain economic times and TBSC is one of them. TBSC is excited to be part of this group and plans to continue their growth and development. TBSC’s thriving business comes from determination and innovation, leading to strong product development, excellence in industry, and dedication to customer wants and needs.

    “The award-winning aspect of TBSC would be our inventive drive. Having a passion mixed with an open mind, we developed leading technology through the feedback of our mentors, partners, and end-users. Likewise, we offer customizable features so our end users can get exactly what they need from our products. We honor our philosophy of ‘pay for the software you use and use the software you are paying for’ by continuously developing products that track and monitor software licensing and usage while simultaneously offering ways to save.” – Madison Miller, Marketing Coordinator TBSC

    Rentsoft Meter has evolved into an easy-to-use product that provides accurate data to our customers. The graphs and charts help visually show the current software licensing and usage while offering suggestions on ways to save costs. This is an automatic, agentless tool that easily improves IT efficiency and has many added bonuses:

    • Measure software usage by the minute.
    • View and compare geographic locations of your business
    • Identify exactly how much money is wasted by application and business area to identify an improvement plan to raise an organization up to benchmark efficiency levels.
    • Create a detailed list of devices for re-harvesting of licenses; re-negotiation of contracts; termination of excess support & Maintenance payments; recycling of surplus licenses.

    Think you want to try out Rentsoft Meter? We offer free trials! Please contact sales@businesssoftwarecentre.com for more information, or visit our website: https://businesssoftwarecentre.com/


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