Remote working, flexible work hours & COVID-19

  • Remote working, flexible work hours & COVID-19



    With COVID-19 now considered to be a global pandemic from the World Health Organisation, communities and governments have pushed for self-isolation to help reduce the spread.

    What does this mean for your business?

    Luckily working from home is not a new concept, but perhaps more of your workforce will begin to work from home as a precaution. Consider asking yourself if your business is ready to handle the influx of remote workers and if you have the proper tools in place to ensure smooth business operations. Other issues to think carefully about include:

    • Security of company data whilst employees work from home
    • Employee communication
    • Servers and other systems available in the cloud
    • Employees are trained and understand remote software
    • Addressing technical issues whilst not in the office

    You might be kicking yourself for not having a system in place to handle this type of pandemic, but you still have time to get into gear and prep your business for remote work.

    What is TBSC’s advice?

    You can get your business ready for remote work; it is just a matter of knowing your options. Here at TBSC we offer agentless software that can get your business cloud ready, instantly! That way you can stay in touch with your employees whilst working from home.

    We look beyond the tech and consider the entire ecosystem of your business by offering processes that work along with the support your business may need.

    TBSC’s process, or our Smarter process, helps your business:

    • Discover what you have on prem or on the cloud. We then help take inventory and can provide reports.
    • Explore what apps are used and not used to understand each user’s product usage. We can then provide training with any Office 365 subscription not being utilized to its full capacity.
    • Help ensure a smooth migration if you would like to move to the cloud, or even Windows 7 to 10.
    • Manage your subscriptions month to month to stay efficient, cost effective, and productive.

    TBSC ensures you gain the best technology depending on your application needs but has the bonus of providing processes to make those tech switches easier. We also provide support in data analysis and can give you the best advice on what to do with your technology.

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